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Covid Vaccine References

It has long been a serious requirement for all health-care professionals to provide informed consent before administering any treatment. This is especially important for treatments that involve significant risks of adverse reactions, and for all experimental treatments. The actual risks and the benefits of the presently available vaccines for covid are highly controversial. Campaigns of fear and coercion enforcing these vaccines so are extensive, so punitive, so dogmatic and so powerful, that it has become politically incorrect to disagree. Knowledge about real outcomes is likewise suppressed. Therefore this author must refrain from advising for or against these vaccines lest he be persecuted. However, it seems safe enough to direct the reader to the data and opinions of others. Such references are linked below, to enable readers to make informed decisions.

action 4 canada
americas front line doctors, vaccine information
American Patriot Social, re covid vaccine
atlas monitor
Bill Gates issues
biological weapons
How mRNA Vaccines Dangerous, Dr S Bhakdi
More Dangers Explained, Dr S Bhakdi videos
Dr S Bhakdi videos
blogs by Dr Mercola
Ben Armstrong videos
c19 science

canadian covid care alliance
canadian covid care alliance exposes Pfizer
chemical violence
childrens health defense
citizens for free speech
citizen free press
Clots & Amyloid in Arteries from mRNA Vaccine, Dr Cole MD explains, video1
Clots & Amyloid in Arteries from mRNA Vaccine, Dr Cole MD explains, video2
corruption news
cosmic fact
covid daystar
Covid Jabs, Weapons of Depopulation
covid vaccine impact
Covid Vaccines, Mechanisms of Pathology Shown, Ryan Cole MD, video

Covid Vaccine Problems, by Senator Ron Johnson
covid vaccine reactions
covid vaccine side effects
covid vaccine tolls
Covid Vaccine Truth Reviewed, by RLBlaylock
covid vaccine victims
Covid Vax Deaths, Felonies, Legal Action
Covid Vax Deaths, Targeting Red States
daily clout
daily expose
dangerous medicine
David Martin PhD, exposes covid & vaccines
David Martin PhD, explains criminal indictments
Deadly Batches Of Vaccine Target Red States,videos
Depopulation Agenda
Died Suddenly (movie)

Doctor Drew TV
early covid care
edc developer wordpress
expose news
Fatal Covid Vaccines Sent To Red States,videos
free west media
fda news,(real outside info)
gary null
genocide news
global covid summit
good sciencing
health freedom for humanity

health impact news
Doctors Give Dire Warnings, health impact news
Regrets, health impact news
Death and Injury Database, health impact news
health ranger report
how bad is my batch
how bad is my batch
Batch Code Table
Dr Huang testifies dangers of covid vaccine
humans are free
I Can Decide Action Network
Lies My Government Told Me, book by Robert Malone, MD
Liberty Counsel, refs re covid vaccines
life site news
med alerts

medical censorship
medical kidnap
medical tyranny
Murder Charges Coming
Naomi Wolf
natural health 365
natural news
need to know news
next strain
news punch
news target
no jab for me

New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science
Open Vaers
Open Vaers Data
Pandemic News
Peachland Advocate
Plandemic 2 Indoctornation
Prosecute Now, re covid related malfeasance
Rair Foundation
Ryan Cole MD, Pathology Lab, official website
Real Not Rare
Safety Testing Failures
Safety Testing Failures
Save Us Now, vaccine
Save Us Now, lethal

s--- hit the fan plan
state of the nation, warnings
steve kirsch substack
stop vax passports
stop world control, grand jury
stop world control, reports
summit news
sun fellow, vaccination stories
the big logic
the burning platform
the burning platform, covid vaccine adverse reactions
the covid blog

the expose
the high wire
time to free america, vaccines
time to free america, Fauci
truth for health
u k column
usa watch dog
Universal Life Tools
vaccine damage news
vaccine deaths
vaccines news

vaccine safety
Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System:
(Note: this is United States based and very limited.)
open vaers
vaccine deaths prophesied
vaccines daystar
videos showing sudden deaths
vladimir zelenko m d
war room
world tribune
Zeee Media, by Maria

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