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Interesting Links To Various Websites
Pertaining To Integrative Medicine

These doctors instruct how to treat corona virus patients
with a variety of well researched and safe alternatives.
America's Frontline Doctors 1
America's Frontline Doctors 2
America's Frontline Doctors, Treatment Options
America's Frontline Doctors, Pharmacies
America's Frontline Doctors, Legal Help

Information About Covid Vaccines.
Covid Vaccine References
This is a teaching website which Doctor Hesselink compiled
pertaining to the biochemistry involved with oxidative therapies.
This is a description of Doctor Hesselink's services posted
at the website of the American College for Advancement in Medicine,
a prominent integrative organization.
This is the website for Doctor Hesselink's other office in Burr Ridge.
This is a treasure trove of medical references on thousands of topics. OR
This is an organization which teaches and promotes ozone therapies.
Ozone Without Borders
This group of doctors advocates for doctors to have freedom
to treat patients according to their best judgement without adverse
intrusions from unscrupulous regulators and other third parties.
They also advocate for conventionally neglected therapies.
Association of American Physicians and Surgeons
These physicians practice and teach integrative medicine.
International College of Integrative Medicine
This website provides interesting articles and doctor comments about
toxic metals, artery disease and chelation therapy, compiled by I.C.I.M.
This is a review article explaining chelation therapy by Doctor Gervasio Lamas.
These websites provide excellent information about
low dose naltrexone for patients, physicians and researchers.
LDN Science
Low Dose Naltrexone
my future videos
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